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The Relationship Between Work and Health

Work is an essential part of your life; you tend to feel satisfied and find a meaningful purpose whenever you find yourself doing what you enjoy. What's more, you earn income through your work.

Your income is important, but way beyond that, your perception of yourself influences your definition of your self-worth.

The relationship between work and health, whenever something happens whether negative or positive at work it can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Positive effects of work on health and how to achieve it

There is a tremendously positive relationship between quality work and your health. Looking and feeling positive improves your productivity and enhances your overall mental health.

Scientific evidence shows that enjoying your work is an essential element that improves your health.

So how can you achieve a positive effect from your workplace?

  • Salary and fulfilling work - Everyone enjoys receiving a good salary, but more than that, the real enjoyment comes from having work that is fulfilling and is appreciated.

  • Good work-life balance - A good relationship with your close friends and family is good for your health. Make sure to balance your work and life. Have time for fun and relaxing.

What about the negative effect of work on health

It's not everyone that finds their dream job; some people experience job dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and other challenges in their workplace. If this is you, then understand that all these are adverse effects on your work and on you. Some of the conflicts found in the workplace include,

  • Conflicts with your colleagues or employee

  • Stress and overwork

  • Poor pay

  • Lack of promotion

How do you handle these negatives?

If there is a conflict in your workplace, try to find the root cause of the problem and then confront it with an honest conversation.

If you are suffering from stress, balance your work and life. Take time for personal activities. Look at the positives of the job. Think about the good to overcome the feeling of stress.

If you feel you are underpaid or are stuck in a dead-end job, have a frank discussion with your manager, research what other opportunities may be available, and think about what you really want and why you feel the way you do.

Final thoughts

There is a direct relationship between health and work. Strive to stay healthy, and look at the positives in both your life and work. Wake up every morning with a smile and a desire to be the best you can be.

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