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STRUCTURAL Engineering


Structural Engineer

Structural engineering is a discipline of civil engineering that includes using physics, mathematics, and empirical knowledge to design the 'bones' and load-bearing parts of man-made structures safely.

We are skilled specialists tasked with ensuring that the structures we use every day, such as highways and big buildings, are secure, stable, and do not collapse under stress. We accomplish this by using their technical expertise to specify numerous types of building materials in a variety of forms and geometries, as well as design structures that can endure the pressures and strains of their environment, such as gravity loads, storms, and earthquakes.

As structural engineers, we work closely with our clients to understand the project's function so that we can deliver a safe, functional, and cost-effective solution to help them accomplish their project.

When it comes to the structures and infrastructure that we use in our society, a collapsing structure can have disastrous implications. This is why, in their design, we apply factors of safety to account for uncertainty in load assumptions and unanticipated deficiencies in building material or workmanship.

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