We're unique because we engage.

What we do!

Working at Home

We Listen To You

The first step to solving a problem is understanding what you need.  We take an in depth needs analysis in our “Discovery Meeting” with you and your team which helps us to determine the best approach for getting optimum results and candidate selection.

Startup Development Team

We Develop A Plan

We have access to social networks, friends in the industry, job boards, our database of thousands of candidates. We determine the best way to find you the best people.

Reaching a Deal

We Reach Out

You name it. We will do it.  Email, Message, Cold Call, etc., if it will help us find you the right candidate, We Do It.


We Qualify

From our Discovery Meeting notes and technical expertise we will qualify individuals and send you only those that meet 90% or higher of the skills needed for this opportunity.

The Candidate must be willing to work within the salary range you specify and most importantly, the Candidate must be motivated by something other than the money!

Business Presentation

We Present You Candidates

You have final say. You get a chance to interview only the people who fit your job and can bring value to your organization.


You Win

You can hire the best person for your team. You now have the best team, with new talent and are ready for your next big project.

We go to great pains to handle each client and candidate with compassion and respect, and we are using our years of expertise to encourage you to achieve your goals.

We help you achieve your goal by providing exceptional service in businesses.

We work every day to influence the lives of our candidates and clients in a positive way.

Our mission is to earn the trust of our clients by offering superior service.  Building on honesty, sincerity, and purpose, we establish long-term relationships with our clients.

Our clients are enthusiastic about having a highly qualified, professional, and devoted team that is committed to delivering exceptional results.

One of the most pressing issues is dealing with attrition and the continuous cycle of leadership changes. We recognize that filling a vacancy isn't the only priority; keeping talented employees is extremely vital.