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Construction Manager vs. Project Manager: What are the Main Differences?

Construction managers and project managers both primarily have the same goal in mind, to oversee a successful building project. However, there are some key differences to these two roles.

The Role of a Project Manager

The project manager has a broader oversight and role in the project, as they are responsible for more than just the construction aspect. A project manager is responsible for securing a site, managing the budget, selecting staff, and delivering timelines and communication of progress or delays. The project manager is often the front-facing point of contact for the client as well.

The Role of a Construction Manager

A construction manager provides expertise in all aspects of the construction of the project. Construction managers handle details such ordering materials, handling equipment, scheduling, preparing construction estimates, maintaining safety regulations, and complying with building codes and requirements. The construction manager works more closely with construction workers and is often present on the site.

When Do They Overlap?

In smaller firms, the roles of project manager and construction manager are sometimes combined. In this case, one person is handling the responsibilities of both a project manager and construction manager. It is important for growing firms to be aware of the problems and challenges that may arise as this combined role becomes too much for one person.

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