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Hiring Pain Points

Finding the right candidate to hire can be challenging. When factoring in the ways in which the workforce has changed since the pandemic, it becomes even more complicated.

Finding Qualified Candidates

Finding candidates with the right qualifications is easier said than done. This is especially true for specialty and senior level positions. The pool of qualified candidate gets smaller and smaller as seniority rises. If you are looking for a very specific skillset or niche, the talent pool is even smaller.

Competitive Market

Finding high quality talent comes at a steep price with the flexible talent pool decreasing and demand for niche skills increasing. Companies compete for top candidates, so it is important to be strategic to win them for your organization.

Outdated Corporate Directives

Asking employees to come into an office or revert to a hybrid model may push top talent away. Since the pandemic, employees are demanding more flexibility. With outdated practices, high quality candidates may no longer consider joining without policy updates or higher compensation.

Plan Ahead and Update Policies

The best way to avoid these hiring pain points and downfalls is to be proactive. Don’t wait until a role opens to begin sourcing candidates. Get ahead on roles that may open in the future.

Another way to avoid these pain points and win over top talent is to offer the flexibility that other companies don’t. Promote work life balance, offer the option of remote work, and make it known that there are pathways and opportunities for career growth and advancement.

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