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How to Set the Best Hiring and Retention Goals

The main aim of hiring an individual for your company is to secure a talented worker to help the company earn more profit, be more productive, and much more.

At the same time, the fundamental goal of retention is to decrease the number of employees leaving the job, especially those brilliant employees who are highly important to the company.

There are numerous goals to watch and take care of, which might keep you wondering, which one should I start with?

Your best answer is simplicity. Rather than just trying to address many issues simultaneously, why not consider beginning with the simple primary goals?

Basic Recruitment Goals

Define the purpose of the job.

To Communicate with your potential employees, you must first know the critical purpose of the job you are seeking to hire them for.

The Main question you should consider is, What's the essence of the position? What are the organizational objectives the job seeks to fulfill?

Once you are familiar with the job purpose, it will make it easier for you and the candidate to decide if this is the right match.

Specify the Outcome you seek for the role.

After defining the purpose of the job, the next step is to determine the outcome you expect from the job.

You can consider applying the SMART model, which many companies mostly use.

The smart goals are:

  • S for Specific.

  • M for Measurable.

  • A for achievable.

  • R for relevant.

  • T for Time-Bound.

Prepare the job description.

Once you are done with the above steps, what next is to prepare the job description. Generally, a good job description should feature the entire purpose of the job, the daily task the employee will be performing, and the kind of effort they need to put into ensuring the work is executed successfully.

Basic Retention Goals

While recruitment goals mostly lean toward the employer, the reverse is the case for retention goals, as it must be both from the organization's view and the employee's view.

Every worker desires to be recognized and appreciated by their boss. While working for you, they also want to reach their maximum potential. Below are some of the primary retention goals;

  • Provide your employees with regular feedback regarding their performance in the company.

  • Speak to them about the goals and expectations of the organization, so they will understand what they need to do and how their efforts will assist the company in meeting its objectives.

  • Reward them fairly and consistently.

  • Provide them with opportunities that will help them grow and develop in their career. Their growth and development are essential for the company as well.

Final thoughts:

When it comes to employee hiring and retention, you need to define the outcome goals. For example, in the recruitment process, goals such as defining the job purpose, specifying the outcome you expect from the job, and preparing the job description are essential.

For the retention process, you can start by providing employees with feedback regarding their performance, discussing the goals and expectations of the work, offering rewards, and providing growth and development opportunities.

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