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Interview and resume tips

For many people seeking a job, there is no exciting and rewarding experience compared to receiving that beautiful email or call back telling you you have gotten the role.

Unfortunately, getting this call can be difficult because even if your skills are top-notch and you have quality experience related to the job, you still might not pass the recruiter's initial review if your resume and cover letter don't have the requirements.

So, you need to focus on every detail to make your resume a solid one and also possess unique interview skills. Let's look at some incredible resume and interview tips that will assist you in landing your dream job.

Research the company

You will inevitably want to know who you will work for before applying for any job. Well, it's more than that. Be sure to do thorough research on the company, dig into the company's history and familiarize yourself with it.

This will not only leave you with knowledge of the company but will also help you answer questions during your interview. Make sure you understand the role you applied for, and if there is something you want clarification on, put it in mind and ask later.

Your resume is the first impression

It's estimated that an average recruiter comes across at least 500 resumes every week. The mistake that some job seekers make is stuffing their cover letter with a lot of information that is irrelevant.

Avoid this, and instead, make each of your resumes based on what the employer is looking for. Explore the job description and add some keywords to your cover letter. Make the resume short and ensure it's easy to read and understand.

Prepare answers to give during the interview

Aside from the typical questions asked during every interview, each company has standard questions they ask job seekers during the interview. So, ensure you master the questions.

Whenever you are asked, don't hesitate to pause for a few questions to evaluate your answers before speaking. In fact, it describes you as someone with original skills.

Prepare to ask questions

Often, employees will ask you whether you have questions or not. You might think of brushing this part off to look more serious and understanding. Avoid declining this opportunity because when you are asked if you have questions, it is not only for formality.

Final thoughts

While the above tips can help you get the job, if you, unfortunately, can't land the role, don't be angry or freak out. Instead, use every interview you go through as an experience to prepare for the next one. Reflect on the things you discussed during the interview, write down areas you think you excel well and places you need to improve, and use it as a means of learning and enhancing your abilities so your next job hunt will be a success.

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