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Success depends on Employees

Success depends on employees. For me, knowing and connecting with my employees is very important - Divine Ndhlukula.

For every company to prosper, having great ways to connect with employees is essential. Although it's challenging to figure out your workers' needs and demands, it will save a lot of trouble if you schedule, even if it's a few minutes out of your time to connect with your workers. Below are some beautiful ways top companies connect with their employees.

Five simple ways to connect with your employees

Communicate Frequently

Communication is important in every workplace. It allows your team members to have the impression that they are part of the bigger picture. Moreover, you will even allow them to ask questions and provide ideas and feedback. It enables you to understand your employees better, knows their weaknesses and strengths, and their level of interest in the work. There are many ways you can communicate with your workers, schedule a one-on-one meeting with them once in a while. You can join them during lunch or engage them with a quick chat when they are free.

Go beyond asking them, "how are you?"

When you meet your employees, it's beneficial to go beyond just asking them how you are; instead, dig deeper into their lives. Aside from how you are, ask them other open-ended questions, and they will speak to you about their lives beyond the working environment; you mustn't know all details about them but asking them simple questions will tell them that they are not only your employees, but you also care about other aspects of their lives.

Help them achieve their goals

Tom Ferry, in one of his talks, expressed that “You need to hold people accountable to their goals” to create an environment that will encourage their growth.You can host a simple meeting to discuss everyone's goals both in and outside the working place.

Recognize their efforts and celebrate it

Although celebration every day is impossible, when talking about essential days like birthdays and anniversaries, a simple office celebration can go a long way in keeping a lasting impression in your worker's minds. Remember to recognize their efforts too constantly; you can send them a simple text message of appreciation or surprise them with gifts.

Avoid saying you don't have time

Over time, your employees will be tired of your constant "I don't have time" if your workers seek your opinion regarding a project or conflicts, no matter how choked up your schedule is, try and give them a few minutes to discuss. Always telling them you don't have time will make them think you don't care, so they will stop seeking your advice and eventually leave the company.


Even though connecting with workers might not seem like a big deal, if done, it helps build and retain talents in the company. This should be one of your main focus areas because it will help increase productivity, engagement, and profits and create a great working environment that will help everyone grow.

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