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"The future depends on what you do today" —Mahatma Gandhi

The perfect interpretation of this statement is that, whatever you do today, is going to affect your future; it's what will determine the kind of future you will have. For example, if you attend a university, you should expect to work in whatever company that deals with your course of study. This means if you don't attend school, there are places you will never set foot in, in the future. Also, the Mahatma Gandhi statement implies that whatever you do can never change the past; it can only help you with a better future, that's if you do good. So, let's look at how you can shape your future using your actions.

How to make your future better

To have a better future, there are many things you can sacrifice, add or follow. Amazingly, these things are universal, so doing or stopping them is never a daunting task.

Change your unhealthy lifestyle

We are familiar with the famous phrase "health is wealth," so in all your endeavors, ensure your health is your priority. Taking care of your physical health will directly impact your mental health; follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, avoid things that make you angry or anxious, etc.

Try out new things

While you should try not to make other people feel insecure, the fact remains that it's a free world, and everybody is meant to shine. As you allow your light to shine, you are also helping others. Try the things you want rather than dreaming, and do whatever positive things it takes to achieve your dream. You can never conclude something is impossible if you don't try. You may not know, but maybe that risk you will take to try new things will be the force that will give you a brighter future.

Stop giving yourself excuses

Sometimes you may receive countless opportunities, but if you don't utilize them well, you may end up with nothing. To succeed, you must first understand your weaknesses and strengths, your starting points, and your previous failures. Never let your excuses be the source of your misfortune; excuses are a terrible influence that can stop you from growing personally and professionally.

Avoid a fixed mindset

A bright future awaits whoever learns skills and also incorporates them into their lives in a creative manner. People with a fixed mindset believe that the talent and knowledge they have is adequate to live a promising future. But the truth is that successful people never stop learning. They invest their time and resources to learn things that will give them a brighter and clearer future. What you have today might be able to help you in the future, but when you keep acquiring new knowledge, your future will be limitless.


It's not always bad to give up something to have a better future. Also, never allow people to define your future; stop being busy and focus on things that will shine later in your future. From every angle you look, you can't change your past, but you can adequately prepare for your future.

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