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We cannot insure success but can achieve it- John Adams

John Adams “To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.” — Charlie Munger

Life will only provide you with what you are entitled to. However, if you feel like you deserve more than that, you can set that mindset, and you will surely get it. You can't pursue what you don't want, you might feel as if it looks like a law of attraction, but the truth is, your belief and mindset can dictate your life objectives and the things you can get. Still, regardless of what's on your mind, you have to work for whatever you want.

How to win at the game of life

How can you differentiate achievers from other people? They know the secret of how to win the game of life and also play it to their advantage. Let's look at the rules to win the game of life and be part of those high achievers.

Set clear goals

The first step or rule to win the game of life is to set clear goals that you want to achieve. Setting goals allows you to work with purpose; it will also increase your mental focus, and you will have a direction in life, and the goals will increase your commitment and motivates you to pursue your passion and interests.

Get out of your comfort zone

Secondly, you need to get out of your comfort zone to win the game of life. Success is not for a lazy person; all you want to achieve is mostly outside your comfort zone.

Generate many bad ideas

Once you are out of your comfort zone, you will likely encounter problems. Even though you may not find it easy to solve these problems, this shouldn't stop you from winning. The entire life is a game, so never be scared to repeat a level; the higher you fail and stand up, the higher you will succeed in your next attempt.

Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable in whatever you want to do, so instead of being angry at yourself or feeling down, treat your experience as a lesson and learn ways you can move forward while avoiding those mistakes.

Work harder than the previous day

The fifth rule for winning the game of life is to work harder and more intelligently than the previous day. You can only make progress when you are constantly learning and improving the ways you do things. In all your endeavors, think fast and work smart and complex, and ensure you beat your best self every day.

Expose yourself to new people and ideas

Lastly, you can only grow when you experience interaction with new people and go to new places. You will learn something different from what you usually see, and this will help expand your horizon and get a better understanding of your life and how you can win whatever challenge you encounter.


The best aspect of life is that once you set your mind that things will be easy, you will find them easily. As Charlie Munger says, the world isn't generous enough to reward undeserving people; you must work to achieve your goals.

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