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When the boss says, "There's the door," what should you do?

Fired From Job - What to do ?

If you are terminated from your job, there is bound to be an awkward moment. Sometimes people have a hard time coping with a situation like this. It's natural for a person in this type of situation to feel sad, angry, or just generally weird for days and weeks on end –these feelings can affect the things that matter most to you, like your friends and family or your home.

However, there are certain things one should do when told they are terminated.

Do not argue with your manager.

Arguing with your manager can lead to the worst. Instead of arguing, do what you can to fix the problem right away.

You can fix the problem by coming up with a plan for how you will make sure that everything goes back to normal. If a compromise that pleases everyone can be reached, there is no longer any need for debate.

Don't burn bridges

Make sure you handle with dignity and grace if you are about to be dismissed. Avoid tearing down relationships or expressing your anger toward others.

Before talking to anyone else at the organization, you should first consult with HR and your manager. This will enable them to understand your perception of the trust breach and provide an opportunity to address any problems that might have contributed to your termination.

This isn't the time to lose your cool

This is not the time for an outburst of anger or childish behavior. The time is not suitable to attack your employer or co-workers personally.

There are a lot of things that might go wrong once you've been dismissed from a job. The most frequent issue is people being sad and outraged at losing their jobs. Some may even feel guilty for not taking the necessary actions to maintain employment.

The best course of action is to maintain calm throughout this challenging process of parting ways with your employment.

Don't start laying the blame

If you have a good reason for your failure, please explain it constructively. Don't drag the team down with you if you are about to be discharged.

To blame others it's easy to do, so don't be tempted. Instead, keep an open mind and see if you can find another reason for the termination.

Ask for positive referrals

You must handle the situation properly if you are terminated. Ask for positive referrals. If someone knows you well and has a reasonable opinion of your work, they may be able to help you find a new job even if your old company is cutting ties with you.

Another great way to ensure that no one judges you is by asking for a reference letter from each person who has ever worked with you at their company.


The worst scenario for a company is for its employees to think that their dismissal is due to misconduct. That's why it's so crucial that you handle your termination to ensure everyone understands what is happening and why.

Stay calm during the conversation and don't make sudden movements. Everyone needs to know that this isn't about you and has nothing to do with your performance.

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